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Project details

Date: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Client: Vattenfall Solar Team (formerly Nuon Solar Team)
Context: Freelance work together with Clement Heinen
Services: Graphic design, Concept development, Animation

The brief 

For four years in a row I have been responsible for the graphic design of one of TU Delfts dream teams, the Vattenfall Solar Team. In 2018, as a personal challenge together with Clement Heinen, I entered a design competition about the new wrap design of the Vattenfall Solar Team (formerly known as the Nuon Solar Team) solar car.  We created a concept that envisioned their teamspirit and the secret weapon of the solar car. We won the competition and got the chance to further develop this concept into a  real design.

Since 2018, we have started a collaboration that led us to consecutively design the wrap for the solar car of 2019 and 2020 as well. Each year we used a different approach and a new story in order to challenge ourselves and amaze the Vattenfall solar team.

Working together with one of the most ambitious dreamteams of the TU Delft has been a pleasure and great honor.



The design process required us to do a lot of experimenting. Trying to figure out how to achieve a specific effect has been great fun. Over the years we have used numerous different digital design techniques, involving digital sketching (photoshop, procreate), 3D software (rhino, blender, Keyshot) and photo editing software (illustrator, lightroom, photoshop) in order to achieve the desired effects.

Over the years we have helped the VST with shaping their vision and have been responsible for the first concepts up to the final  deliverables sent to the press.

Stijn Jagers 2021.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands