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Project details

Date: 02/2019-Current
Client: STIL BV
Context: Graduation Project, Work

Services:  Industrial design, Design engineering, UX, Ergonomic research


I conducted a 6 month research to improve the design of a tremor suppression device for STIL BV.

People suffering from a tremor are restricted in their ability to function in everyday life, due to a constraint of performing delicate movements. Simple tasks, such as drinking and eating are a great challenge for individuals diagnosed with essential tremor.  STIL B.V. works on the development of an alternative solution to dampen a forearm tremor.  

I was challenged to integrate the technology into a easy to use product. 

Result & outcome

The final result of this project was a fully functional brace design and prototype that was easy to use by tremor patients and could measure a forearm tremor.

An efficient attachment method to the users arm and a new forearm tremor sensor have been designed, made and tested. Additionally a set of different brace sizes has been developed to create a comfortable design for an as large as possible target group.

After this assignment I continued to work for STIL on the further development and research of anti tremor solutions.

Project goal

"The anti-tremor technology developed by STIL needed to be integrated into a working product. The goal of this project was to develop the first generation of an anti-tremor wrist brace that could be used for prototype validation.”

The problem and suggested solution

People with shaking hands, socalled tremors,  are often activily looking for solutions that will improve their freedom of movement. Currently only expensive medication and operations exist. STIL develops a mechanical solution that use noise canceling technology in order to dampen a tremor. 

Intended use The working principle that was in development to dampen a tremor restricted me to use a certain form factor. This led to a expected use as explained in the following steps. 

1. An external battery is worn around the neck. The power supply cables will lead from the battery to the product.
2. The brace, the part of the product that is in contact with the skin, will be put on. It fits neatly around the wrist of the user.
3., 4. The shell, the active element of the product, is slid over the hand and connected to the brace.
5. The power cables are connected to the shell and the product can be activated.

Ergonomics & comfort

In order to determine te correct dimensions for an as large as possible target audience a set of measurements needed to be found that could be used as a indication for the development of different brace sizes. With the help of existing literature it was found that in this case the wrist circumference was the best dimension to use as the “most important” measurement. Later on I used this dimension as the key parameter for the creation of a scalable 3D model. 

Market evaluation

For business development and market research I conducted a large actor involvement research that led to the creation of a Stake holder involvement overview. This helped me to get a better understanding of the future user and the products requirements. It furtermore was usefull for the company to improve the products market placement.

Design & prototyping

After finishing the analysis phase, it was possible to start developing prototypes and concepts for the wrist enclosure. The concepts for the wrist enclosure, tried to keep the found requirements in mind while solving each of the challenges in a differement manner. This resulted in countless prototypes and many sketches. A Strict selection resulted in a final concept that was developed into a scalable 3D model. 

Final results

The concepts have been further developed into a working prototype. The end goal for my graduation project was to develop a brace that could recognise and measure the patients tremor. After this I continued with helping with the product development. Results from this research are still convidential.

Stijn Jagers 2021.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands