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Project details

Date: 10/2015 -01/2019
Context: Freelance work

Delivered services: Concept development, Design, Engineering.
Outcomes: Fully realized

After my bachelors degree I got involved in a new start up that focussed on the development of inflatable tents with a technology that already was being used in the kite surf industry. With the help of inflatable air bladders inside a stiff textile socket, it is possible to create very stiff tube structures, that are able to be used for various applications, such as tents etc.

Currently there are two realized designs, that are based on previous student research and market demand. I have been responsible for the creation of the final design of both models, which included everything from it's shapes, dimensions, technical drawing and final renderings. Prototyping was done in close collaboration with the lead designer of Peter Lynn Kites.

Together with a textile factory abroad we made several prototype iterations. Working with textile is difficult since it is hard to predict its behavior when modeling the tents.

One of the unique selling points of the tents is the possibility to connect differen tent sizes and shapes with each other. The client asked me to design all the connection pieces for all different configurations.

Stijn Jagers 2021.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands