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Project details 

Date: 02/2017- 06/2017
Client: Gyromotics
Context: Masters Course, TU Delft

Delivered services: Concept development, Design, Engineering.
Outcomes: Patented, National runner up James Dyson awards 2018 & further developed into a working product

The brief

As a part of my master I followed a 5 month course, with a team of 6, in which we had to deal with a real problem and find a fitting solution. We were challenged to design a lower leg prosthesis that would give its user more freedom by minimizing his/hers limitations. The final result of this course was  a prosthesis with a flexible ankle joint that has been patented and has been further developed into a design that is production ready and can be frequently used by patients.

The project started with an open initial assignment that challenged us to improve the lives of as many amputees as possible by providing them a robust, comfortable prosthetic limb for the lower leg that allowed an active lifestyle at an affordable price.

After an intensive research we rephrased the assignment and came up with 4 main pillars that could set the Gyromotics prosthesis apart from their competitors.

The vision 

We aimed to create added value by incorporating the following properties in our design; multi-functionality, stability, personalization and more freedom of movement.

Concept development


Part of the course was to actually make and validate the proposed design. We build a fully functional prototype  together with an cosmetic representation of how a further developed model could look like.

For testing we used a subject that lost his leg during a motor accident. His active lifestyle fit well within our targeted user group, moreover his interest in technology and gadgets made that he frequently tests other, new lower leg prosthetics.
The test person was happily surprised with the functionality, looks and quality of the prototypes.
Design proposal

Stijn Jagers 2021.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands